What Is “Lights Out” Machining? How Do Lights Out Manufacturing Processes Benefit Your Precision Parts Production?

Lights out machining is one of the many ways that United Machine Company provides complete CNC manufacturing solutions that are both highly responsive and cost-effective for your unique high-volume, precision parts production.

In the modern machining industry, “lights out” refers to robotic manufacturing and pallet-loading processes that are automated through advanced CNC systems technology. Our robotic CNC systems require little or no human input, enabling our facility to machine your custom parts with minimal labor costs and overhead.

Simultaneously, our robotic machining systems are digitally programmed to produce your products with unparalleled consistency, reliably delivering 0.0001” tolerances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hence the term “lights out” – United can precision-manufacture your custom components around the clock, delivering superior American quality and cost-efficiency every step of the way.

How Do “Lights Out” Machining Operations Work?

Lights out machining refers to the automated CNC processes utilized at United Machine, requiring minimal input from our team of engineering experts after the initial CNC programming and spec setup is completed. Once fully programmed, our efficiently automated production processes do not require constant human insight, so they can continue operation even when the facility’s “lights are out”.

These automated machining processes enable United Machine to meet the most challenging of production deadlines while further guaranteeing all of our custom-machined parts are produced with precision quality and consistency.

The Benefits and Advantages of Lights Out Machining Services

United’s streamlined lights out machining capabilities offer a multitude of benefits to your precision parts production when compared to traditional machining processes that require manual oversight.


Lights out manufacturing processes substantially extend the number of hours our CNC machines are on the clock.

Because labor costs don’t need to be paid to workers during lights out machining periods, the relative costs of production are reduced.


In many applications, simpler machining processes and extended running jobs are efficiently automated to be completed after hours. This lights out operation enables our engineering experts and technicians to dedicate their working hours to shorter, more complex machining processes which benefit from United Machine’s superior American craftsmanship.


Our lights out production methods minimize the labor costs required to manufacture your precision components. Production costs are further reduced though the efficiency of our robotic machining systems and minimized material waste.

Your Single-Source American Manufacturer Providing Efficient Lights Out Machining Solutions

United Machine’s versatile lights out machining services are backed by some of the industry’s most advanced 11-axis CNC turning equipment to 5-axis CNC milling technology. Get in touch with our manufacturing experts to discuss how our automated CNC systems can streamline your high-volume parts production.