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United Machine knows on-time delivery is critical to the success of our customers.

Over the years, United Machine has expanded our facility in order to maximize production and efficiency. Our first location was a simple 5,000 sq ft cinder block building. By 1991 we had outgrown our space, so we built a 12,000 sq ft facility on 602 N. Hydraulic.  In order to meet the high demands of the industry, our facility expanded several times over the past 20 years adding an additional 38,000 sq ft for a total of 50,000 sq ft (8,000 sq ft added in 1997, 8,000 sq ft in 2008 and 22,000 sq ft in 2017).


United Machine is AS9100D/ISO ISO9001:2015 certified. Our team utilizes CMMs and other inspection tools in order to meet quality requirements, and to achieve our goal of 100% customer acceptance. United Machine has CATIA IV and CATIA V seats, and uses GibbsCam for programming our machine tools. In order to ensure 100% on-time delivery, we also use JobBOSS for our ERP system.


Real Time Job Flow System

Our computerized, real-time floor control enables United Machine to accurately schedule our shop and provide customers with instant status on their orders. United Machine knows on-time delivery is critical to the success of our customers. We deliver per schedule, and provide bar-coding and special packaging when required. Our team uses JobBOSS ERP software which captures the full real time ‘job’ flow from quoting through to shipping to our customer.

Click here for more information about the JobBOSS system.

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