Multi-Axis CNC Machining Services Optimized for Both Low- and High-Volume Productions

United Machine Company’s industry-leading CNC machining capabilities include up to 11-axis CNC turning solutions along with 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC milling services. We utilize a range of cutting-edge, custom-programmed CNC technology to tackle your precision parts production with truly optimized metalworking efficiency.

  • Custom, close-tolerance machined components ranging from the size of a thimble up to 36 inches in length.
  • Versatile production volumes optimized for order quantities ranging from 5 to 50,000 parts.


Multi-Axis CNC Turning Capabilities

United Machine’s fully-equipped turning department utilizes advanced multi-axis CNC equipment to machine your custom components with precision from every angle. When applicable, we perform streamlined CNC mill-turn operations on the same machine, further reducing our lead times while maintaining extremely close tolerances as small as .0001”.

Our state-of-the-art multi-axis turning equipment includes:

Eurotech (2015)

  • Advanced 11-axisCNC  milling and turning center.
  • 3.15″ dia bar capacity with dual turret.
    • Model: Trofeo B481SY2
    • RPM: 5000
    • Horsepower: 35

Miyano (2013)

  • 7-axis CNC machining center with advanced live milling capabilities.
  • Versatile 1.625 diameter bar capacity.
    • Model: BNA-42MSY
    • RPM: 6000
    • Horsepower: 15


3-Axis, 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Milling Services

Our CNC milling department utilizes a versatile facility of multi-axis machining equipment to efficiently manufacture products ranging from simple components and hardware to complex aerospace assemblies.

Our cutting-edge multi-axis milling technology includes:

Fanuc (2014) – 5-Axis Turning Center

  • Profiling and hog-out capabilities.
  • Automated with Fanuc 200iC robotic loading & unloading.
    • Model: Robodrill a-D21LiA5 w/Robotics
    • RPM: 10000
    • Horsepower: 15
    • 27” x 16” x 13”

HAAS 5 AXIS (2019) – 5-Axis Turning Center

  • High-speed 5-axis capabilities with profiling and hog-out.
    • Model:  HAAS UMC-500SS
    • RPM: 15,000
    • Horsepower: 30
    • 24″ x 16″ x 16″

Hyundai HS5000i (2019)

  • Advanced horizontal machining center with automated pallet changer for robotic loading and unloading.
    • Model:  Hyundai HS5000i
    • RPM: 12,000
    • Horsepower: 34
    • 33″ x 28″ x 30″


Multi-Axis CNC Solutions – Machined with Precision and Efficiency from Every Angle

United Machine’s versatile manufacturing solutions range from 5-axis CNC milling to 11-axis CNC turning services. For a more technical overview of our close-tolerance machining capabilities, visit our Equipment List page or contact our manufacturing experts to discuss the unique requirements of your precision parts production.