Expertly Engineered CNC Programming Solutions – Automated Through CAM and GibbsCAM Software

United Machine strives to provide a complete range of efficient CNC machining solutions, customizable and optimized for your unique precision parts production. One of the many ways we guarantee unparalleled quality is through performing our own CNC programming in-house, utilizing the latest GibbsCAM software to automate the manufacturing process.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop is integrated with an advanced streamlined programming system, allowing our technicians to directly download your custom files to our CNC machines without delays or downtime.

United Machine’s responsive CNC programming capabilities have been honed to optimize your aerospace parts for manufacturability. Our superior American production facility trims out the middlemen and inefficiency from the manufacturing process, automating our CNC equipment to tackle the close-tolerance specifications that your precision-engineered components require.

Versatile CNC Programming Services with Robust Dataset Utilization

The innovative CNC programming department at United Machine can work with a range of datasets to integrate your custom parts files with our CNC systems. We regularly work with customer-supplied files in IGES and numerous other formats including Catia V4, V5.

Our diverse CNC programming capabilities enable our machine shop to quickly tool up and provide consistent, uncompromised quality. With decades of combined CNC programming expertise at our disposal, United Machine is able to deliver some of the most robust and reliable CNC manufacturing solutions that the machining industry has to offer.

  • Diverse and efficient custom CNC programming capabilities.
  • With over 50 years of experience, our facility specializes in the precision machining of custom part specs with close tolerances.
  • Custom CAM programming services with leading expertise in GibbsCAM software solutions.
  • Complete and robust dataset utilization with a list of file types including Catia V4, V5, and IGES format.

Precision Is Programmed into the DNA of Our Custom CNC Machined Components and Assemblies

United Machine’s versatile manufacturing solutions range from 5-axis CNC milling to 7-axis CNC turning services. For a more technical overview of our close-tolerance machining capabilities, visit our Equipment List page or contact our manufacturing experts to discuss the unique requirements of your precision parts production.